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Our goal is to provide consistently successful performance that is on-cost, on-time, and defect free.

Berry Engineering's goal is to provide consistently successful performance that is on-cost, on-time, and defect free. To accomplish this goal, Berry Engineering Inc. works as a close knit team using honed analytical tools, techniques, and when required, Software Engineering processes that enable predictable, repeatable performance. The internal structure of team work and, processes, and procedures at both the organizational and project levels are very well-defined and visible, allowing for continuous internal process improvement. Our Quality process improves cost and schedule performance for our customers. We fully comply and exceed the quality requirements of our contractual teammates.

Quality is an essential part of all work assignments for Berry Engineering Inc. Our Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) provides high quality control and low risk to our customers by integrating quality objectives throughout our plan for each task order. Every effort is made to ensure that quality is built into the deliverable in the first place through the careful assignment of the right personnel and providing them with the resources required to do the job right the first time.

Structured Quality Assurance reviews are an important part of all our work processes as well. While there is great truth to the adage, "quality is built in, not inspected in" there is still no substitute for a thorough "scrub" of our draft deliverables by additional sets of experienced eyes. Our QAP ensures that all deliverables and products meet or exceed all specifications, are technically sound and operationally ready. Because Berry Engineering Inc. applies quality assurance to all contracts and we know our methods are sound, and our customers know we deliver quality.


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